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GoodTimesWithScar has created many YouTube videos, mostly Minecraft associated, and creates tutorials on how to build houses ranging from craftsman, rustic, traditional and modern art styles. Scar also plays on many servers with other YouTubers such as Cubfan135, Grian, Smallishbeans, or Mumbo Jumbo. He has also played other games besides Minecraft such as The Forest, Planet Coaster, Among Us, and Prison Architect, to list a few.

Scar is a big Disney fan. He grew up visiting Disneyland, and always wanted to be an Imagineer. He utilizes his knowledge of theme park design in his builds, most notably in his “Scarland Rollercoaster”. He also has an extensive collection of Disney memorabilia, and Disney is a frequent topic of discussion on his Twitch streams.

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GoodTimesWithScar is a famous YouTube Star, born on August 19, 1982 in United States. As of December 2022, GoodTimesWithScar’s net worth is $5 Million. He was afflicted with a Neuromuscular disease resulting in weaker muscles and the need for additional oxygen.

Gamer named Ryan who became best known for his YouTube video content involving building tutorials and Hermitcraft series stemming from the video game Minecraft. He has 1.3 million subscribers and is a Twitch partner as well with 190,000 followers. .

He is from Washington state. His cat Jellie is often featured on his Instagram account. read Goodtimeswithscar Merch blog