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GoodTimesWithScar, also known as Scar for short and GoodTimeWithScar on Minecraft, is a YouTuber with over 1,940,000 subscribers, and 398,000 followers on Twitch. His most viewed Youtube video is Day In The Life Of GoodTimesWithScar – A Disabled Twitch Streamer And YouTuber. Buy Goodtimeswithscar Merch Here

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Landscape builders like GoodTimesWithScar are well-known for their labor-intensive, elaborate, and beautiful structures, which are frequently featured in Hermitcraft episodes and building guides. Almost any type of construction may be accomplished with GoodTimesWithScar, including terraformed islands, modern cities, and fantastical communities.

He is known as an excellent terraformer among the Hermits. He is also known for his love of his cat, Jellie, who was added as Cat variant 9 in the 1.14 Java Edition update after it won the Minecraft cat vote on twitter. His timelapse music, a song called “Howling” by Lupus Nocte, is also iconic within the community. He is known to have an entertaining, funny, and optimistic personality.


Before starting YouTube, Scar was a varsity swimmer. During his freshman year of high school, he swam the 500 freestyle at state and was Top 5 in the state.

At age 16 or 17, Scar became ill, and was later diagnosed with an unnamed neuromuscular disease. Because of his neuromuscular disease, he relies on a wheelchair and oxygen. He occasionally goes on hiatus due to his illness.

Scar started his YouTube channel in 2011 with Call of Duty videos before transitioning his channel to Minecraft. As a talented photographer and painter, he frequently uses his knowledge of painting and landscape photography to add realism to his highly detailed Minecraft builds.

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